Top 10 Roof Conditions

  1. Neglect: Owners will sometimes contribute, not knowingly, to the untimely demise of their roofs by not properly keeping up the maintenance and care that a roof needs in order to last. Finding a condition in time helps a roof have a longer lifespan. Be sure when inspecting (recommended twice a year) your roof that you do not see ponding water, slipped flashing, or loose debris.

  2. Improper Repairs: It is always a better idea to consult a roofing contractor when your roof is in need of any maintenance or repairs instead of mending the problem yourself. West Coast Roofing and Contracting, Inc. will help you not make a small condition larger.

  3. Moisture and Roof Leaks: With any type of roof if there is a leak it can and will lead to a major condition. Leaks can happen with age or damage to a roof.

  4. Blistering: Blisters should be noted and monitored, if you see one of considerable size or is ruptured, it should be repaired. This could also be an indication of other conditions with the roof and may expedite the aging process.

  5. Splitting: Splitting happens when metal roofs are flashed with membrane material. They expand and contract at different rates causing the split.

  6. Ponding Water: In a properly built roof, ponding water should not occur. If there is proper drainage then the roof can do its job properly. When a flat roof is installed some type of cricket or tapered insulation should be used to provide positive drainage.

  7. Flashing: The flashing must be properly installed to prevent slipping of the membrane and also redirect water.

  8. Open Laps: Open laps occur when the installer fails to properly install the field membrane or can also occur in the flashings. These laps will appear to be closed but will open up over time.

  9. Wrinkles and Racking: This problem can take place with in the membrane or flashings. When this material is “wrinkled” it is commonly referred to as a Fish Mouth. Movement in the structure can also cause wrinkles and racking.

  10. Moss and Algae: Algae is the dark discoloration that is sometimes found on a roofs surface. The moss and algae take root in the roofs covering. These organisms also hold moisture, lessening the life of your roofs surface as well as hurt the appearance.