Metal Roof

As the intense hurricane season seems to be fast approaching year upon year in Florida, it is quite essential for many families and business owners to be confident that their roofs are securely fastened. Metal roofs are valued by countless amounts of people. They have demonstrated to be strong enough to resist earthquakes, tornados, high winded tropical hurricanes and other natural disasters, while also being exceedingly pleasing to the eye. Dating back into the years of 970 B.C. metal roofs have proven their sustainability and secured the safety of many homes and commercial buildings. Metal roofing has grown especially popular and has been a cost-effective way of covering a wide variety of building structures in the past decade.

Advantages of Metal Roof Systems

Our trained professionals are equipped to display the advantages of having a metal roof put on your building. Some of the advantages include durability, energy efficiency, as well as being light weight. The first advantage of having a metal roof is the durability. When purchasing something as large as a roof, normally people want to buy something of value and worth investing their money into. A metal roof is one of the best ways of displaying this. The particular metal products that we use will last a lifetime and will not flake or deteriorate. Sheet materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and lead are naturally durable; the oxidation of the base material forms a protective shiny surface on the roof. These materials will withhold in any environments in Florida whether you are located in an industrial area or a marine location. Another advantage is the energy efficiency. We all know how warm it gets in the summer months in Florida and attempt in any way to keep the cost of the electric bill down. Installing a metal roof is one of the ways in which you can save money on that high cost of electric. Coatings with high reflective values of steel sheeting have proven to increase the thermal efficiency of building in high temperature areas. The last advantage that we will include of having a metal roof installed is the light weight of the panels. Metal roofs have been used nearly in a universal manner to cover large buildings because of their elevated strength to mass ratio.

Types of Metal Roof Systems

With metal roofs becoming extensively popular, there is a wide variety of metal roofs that can be installed no matter what type of building that you own. With twenty-five years of experience, our qualified team may assist you to decide what would be the most superior installation. There are two types of metal roof systems, both of which we have had a great extent of experience in installing. The two systems are called exposed fastener metal roof systems and concealed fastener metal roof systems. The exposed fastener metal roofs that we have had experience installing have include Permatile, PBR panels, 5-V crimp and a corrugated roof panel. We have also installed a vast assortment of concealed metal roof systems as well. These types of metal roofs consist of standing seam, baton lock and mechanical seamed standing seam. 

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Wind Up-Lift

As we have stated above, the purpose of a roof is to protect the building and the contents inside from the effects of strong and very powerful weather conditions. Wind resistance varies in each municipality. It is the only roof system that is site specifically engineered for the particular structure and is designed for wind resistance.

We have chosen to specialize in metal roofing for a variety of reasons such as they are strikingly attractive, powerful and sturdy, they comprise of a lifelong dependency and have the best life cycle costing. Metal roof systems are the finest product available that we can recommend to our valued customers. Please save this work for the best roofing professionals out there as we provide the best products for your application along with a strong work ethic to please our clients.